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01. The Project

Being a hub of marketing initiatives the website sets a tone for online brand presence and communicates brand authority in the marketplace. The outdated visual look and feel of the Bukowski Design website has put sales conversations, leads, search engine rank, etc. at risk to lose great deals. As a person who loves engaging customers with brands (who by the way is a big fan of Bukowski toys) I wanted to give a fresh look to the website, and bring dynamics in communicating the Bukowski Design brand to engage fluffs with website visitors.

02. The Goal

The goal of this conceptual redesign is to increase user retention by enabling visitors with the access to the website hi-quality content and functionality:  Clear visual design, navigation discoverability and responsiveness, informative product descriptions and where-to actions (e.g. Store locations, buying options, etc.). Fitting the website into mobile screens thought mobile-friendly or progressive web application was set as  the second (2) stage of the MVP (aka. Minimum Viable Product) delivery




increase user retention

faster the website response time

design engaging learning and purchasing experience

make website content discoverable

03. My Role

I am a Project Initiator who acted as a Business Analyst and a Product Designed to collaborate

with the business owner and a web team to implement features, contents, and

work on ideas feasibility 

Main Tasks


Come up with new interactive website concept

Alignment website content with business goals

Design, test and and validate product assumptions

Deliver the minimum viable product 

04. The Challenge

Make Bukowski original content reusable as much as possible, while significantly transforming and re-focusing  visual designs to let visitors discover the best of handmade fluffs. New look intends to allow website users to interact with toys thought hi-res 3D imaging, to tailor orders, and to find the nearest pickup or distribution point 


05. The Structure

Distinctive and clear visual structure  along with content hierarchy were applied to reflect existing user behavior, and to merge it up with familiar interfaces interaction. 

Hi-res and 3D imaging technologies allowing users

to interact with the toys, select the best

color and texture fit, to find the ONE

and only!

06. The Impact



The average interaction time on website Beta-release increased by 2 minutes and 23 seconds, comparing to 54 seconds interaction on the original site. Website visitors got an access to online store of the Bukowski Design brand. Entertaining product descriptions, 3D-previews, and lottery features increased user conversion rate and retention. During the A/B test 7 orders were placed locally.  The new UX Strategy proved to bring positive brand image, and put smiles on plush fan faces



time new visitors spent on the website increased from 54 seconds to 2 minutes 23 seconds


orders were placed during the website A/B test with 25 participants


positive feedback received towards the upgraded look and new features 

brought on board

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