Basic Marketing Rules You Need to Bear in Heart

June 26, 2014

It’s quite shocking to find out some companies, though hiring a dedicated marking team, have no clue about exactly what they should expect in the outcome.  In some cases, marketers spend most time repeating routines such as producing various marketing materials, preparing and attending major events; in others, they just copy whatever their competitors are doing. So all come down to one question: what is marketing, exactly?  


Simply put, marketing is just like all other issues in our lives, and textbook doesn’t always come in handy. When we cannot find the root causes, we are not able to fix them. And when we are tangled by myriads of problems, it always works to go back the basics.


So let us jog your memory about the basics you should stick to no mater what you plan to do in marketing! 




Don’t try to cut yourself lose when you copy-paste and modify someone else’s work and think you already pass the “be different” test. It actually helps the authentic while downgrading yourself. Being different requires something deeper, and you need to figure it out by honest self-reflection. It’s never too late to pull off all your fake different work for the sake of your own business! 



Brand always wins

If you hesitate in the value of brand because brands like MUJI who told they started non-believing in brands, you must be kidding me. It’s just like lying to yourself smoking mint doesn’t hurt your lungs. Brand is the promise you make to your customers, and so they buy in. If you are not taking it seriously, no one is going to take your business seriously, either.


Strategy is everything!

What kind of product/ service you are providing? You should know better that you are not supposed to follow the trend without thinking just because someone else is pushing their tweets or promoting their 3D animation video online. Knowing how your product/service positions on the market and who your target audience is, and where you can reach them, you are on the right track of cutting down the marketing calories for your business.


Focus groups

It’s like email army rushing into your inbox, if it’s not addressing to your name, you skip it. Find your focus group and then talk to them, so they will respond.




Talk to people, and build the dialogue instead of sitting there and complaining about how weird people are to spend more money on something worse than you can offer. One thing about modern people’s life is, they are offered too many options, and making a decision could be so complicated like standing in the cold drinks section in supermarket for 10 minutes and still having no clue what to buy. So, when you are willing to start telling more about your product/service, you are helping people to make their life easier, and meanwhile, you are building up your own credibility in public, and that’s exactly the first step of your promise to the customers. So, start talking now. 


You can never afford to lose!

Even one customer could start the viral of negative image of your business. I am not telling you that customers are always right, I am just telling you not to tell they are wrong. Try to fix the problems for your customers, even the comparatively not so big ones. 



Invention doesn’t mean innovation, nor does producing a line of new junks. Most innovation comes from new configurations of old stuffs, just no one thought about it before. So, make something people can feel the novelty of the idea, love the spirits of it, and of course share with their friends.

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