7 Mistakes of a Marketer. Mistake 1. Forgetting to Plan to Goal

July 1, 2014

You are a marketing manager. Your job is to put thoughts into real marketing materials by sending the correct and clear messages, and filtering out the unnecessary ones.


You just get a requirement from top to update your official website. So you check around, collect the information to be updated, and go to the copywriters, graphic designers, and web masters and give each of them the information you just get. You set up the schedule with everyone involved, and confirm the completion date.


But you are even better than just doing this: during this project, you basically develop an yearly schedule on internal discussions with each function teams, you think it would be great to listen to everyone’s opinion and make your official website informative.


Two weeks later, the first update is complete. You are going to get applauses for your efficiency and the amazing regular marketing yearly plan for everyone in the company!


Hell no! Of course that’s not how things go.


You start to get complaints from after-service department telling customers are complaining they cannot find the information they need because there are lost in all the updates. One month later, your web analysts send a message about the dropping traffics on the website, and not much longer each function team begins to find excuses not to spend their time on your regular meetings. Then two more weeks pass, one day the sales head pops up at your desk questioning you about the mess you create on the localization updates.


What goes wrong? As a marketing manager, you know about the collaborations of cross functions and you make your schedule. How come all of the sudden even the supporting teams hate to see you because your involvement makes all their hard work into toilet?


It’s sad, but true. It is the most commonly seen mistake that marketers make at work. They get stuck in the myth of making a perfect marketing plan instead of planning to goal.


Yes. Plan to goal.


Take the website update for instance. Always look back to the basics when you are developing your execution plan: why it’s asked to be updated and what you can do to fix the why.


Website update or creation is to provide information to broad online surfers (they could be your customers in the future!), to keep your existing customers coming back, and to promote your products and keep great corporate image. So you are doing this not only to satisfy the internal members, but more importantly, the external ones.


You need to think about the image you want to give the first category, how to organize your information for the second category to easily access, and to attract more business from the third category. After this, your gigantic regular plans to keep your website going could put to use.


So next time, when you get any project like this, find the why first, and then talk to user interface designers. They will help you reorganize and restructure the big picture of why, and it will save you a lot of work for yourselves and your most depending teams of web masters or graphic designers from repeating mistakes in the previous scenario. When the essential issue is fixed, selective information is presented for each category of people, you would be amazed by how fast the traffics grow and how your performance be appreciated at work. Cuz if everybody is happy, boss will be happy, and you cannot be unhappy!


So, remember, plan to goal.


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