Find Your Own Way – Embrace the Spirits of The Day

July 4, 2014

Hey Guys, have you decided how you are going to celebrate the Independence Day? Are you ready to have a yard barbecue, making an American pie, or planning to down some beers in the sports bar watching the world cup?


It doesn’t really matter how you celebrate it. It doesn’t matter if you still remember the history classes or are able to remember which President did what. It doesn’t even matter if you have the nationality of America. It’s the spirits of the day that actually counts.


The technologies that spread all over the world, the food that combines the local tastes but so good, probably the cars you or family are driving, the pop music, TV or HBO you would rush home for, many more of them are exactly the ways you are sharing what the country’s culture and people stand for.


Let’s put aside all the controversies for one day.


Happy Birthday, the United States of America.


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