7 Mistakes of a Marketer. Mistake 2. Forgetting to Track

July 8, 2014

Last time we talked about the importance of figuring out the goal when you plan for any marketing activities. So what’s the second most commonly seen mistake then?


Yes. Tracking.


The purpose of tracking lies more in your responsive adjustment than regular updates and unlimitedly replying to all the messages you get. It takes patience, a clear mind for further analysis, and the decisive courage to make changes when all tracking data shows you the other way.


Tracking doesn’t require too many complicated tools or skills. If you are using online advertisement provided by Google, Bing, or any other similar service, remember to link the analysis tools to compare the traffic change and sales numbers between ordinary and promotion events. If you are taking offline marketing venues, make a table for each of your marketing materials, jot down the details by product, promotion activity and the exact sales number on a regular basis.  


Next, you need to do the right thing based on the data you collect. No matter how beautifully made your brochures are or how brilliant your webpage looks, if it doesn’t bring traffics or distract visitors from paying attention to your products/service to something else, you need to stop wasting time in doing the same thing. Go back to the seven basic marketing rules.


Marketing is like running a business itself. Your purpose is to provide the right value to the right people in exchange for their trust and, of course, money.  Every penny, time, and effort you put in there should be calculated well and produce the maximum benefits to both your customers and your business.


So, start tracking.

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