Three Steps to Complete Your Marketing Plan That Your Boss Would Appreciate

July 10, 2014

Whether you are senior or junior in marketing, there are always moments when you feel like running out of idea for the new product at hand. You probably wonder how you are going to sell something that’s not so new, not so bug-free, and not so pricewise attractive under the miserable budget you have.


Looks familiar?


Don’t worry. Life is like this, and we always have someone been-there, done-that to share their invaluable experiences. And here you are the simple three steps you can take to complete a proposal with a happy ending.


Give Up in Telling How Great Your Product Is. 

You don’t need to move a rock that’s over your power and then let it fall on your own feet. I bet your boss knows the fact, and soon so will your customers. Instead, focusing on one or two features that are most welcome is enough.


Find a Theme for Your Proposal.

Find an angle to connect to people’s usage of the product based on step one. Don’t worry about how great other competitor products look; you should be smart enough not to jump into the heavyweight ring when you are 120 pounds.


Go Digital.

Social Network is for free, and bosses tend to love it by nature. Most companies at least would have Facebook account registered even though they are not running it. List the plans to extend the social network and the online activities for each of them.  Invite people, join other groups of similar interests, and use the customer base to spread your tweets and product news.


Remember, you are marketer, not art guru, the boss you are dealing with is human being, who cares more about ROI than if you are genius or creativity master, and well, you are actually helping people to simplify their choice-making.


Isn’t it a beautiful world? Give it a try!

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