7 Mistakes of a Marketer. Mistake 3: Forgetting What Marketing Is

July 15, 2014

That might sound ridiculous, but yes, some people tend to forget that marketing is a process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers, for the purpose (!) of selling that product or service.

A very typical goal of marketing is to generate interests in the product and create leads. The must Marketing activities include:


  • Consumer research: Targeting your market and identify the needs of the people

  • Product development: Designing innovative and exciting products based on the market needs

  • Promotion: Spreading the word about the product to raise awareness including the brand

  • Pricing: Identifying fixed price to maximize long term revenue, i.e., your pricing strateg


On the other hand, Sales activities are focused on:


  • Converting prospects to actual paying customers

  • Interacting with customers to persuade them to purchase the product

  • Referring to promotion and prices established by Marketing


Just imagine this: a grandma walks into a shopping mall looking for a pair of earphones for her grandkid’s birthday. She basically walks into the right section, and randomly picks up one with cool packaging and starts checking the descriptions on the package. Then, instead of something imaginable and easy to understand like “True crispy sound”, she just puts the earphones back and leaves while mumbling “vibration frequency reaches 5Hz-110kHz”. “Well, what’s that even supposed to mean?”

Yap. That is exactly what happens every time when companies try to cut the corners right from engineering to sales, skipping the marketing step. Engineers do know how to create the product, but there is a long distance between average consumers and engineers. Marketers are information filters and converters, so “the truth” gets to get delivered with the right communication.

Simplifying things for people is not an easy thing to do (we all know you know a lot!), but you should hang on to it. It wouldn’t make you look stupid, especially when it brings the leads and sales to your business.

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