Golden Rules to Bear in Mind Before Making Suggestions to Your User Interface Designers

July 31, 2014

First of all, there are two things you need to know about UI designers’ job:


The Unattainable Holy Grail to Pursue

The UI design is all about finding out the easiest way for users to get the hang of the product, whether it’s soft as mobile phone interface, website and application interface, or hard as laptop I/O, TV recorder, or the new blender to launch on mother’s day. In a word, UI design is about meeting needs when people are looking for something highly functional, but at the same time they want it to be as simple as possible regarding their learning curve.


The Ever-Changing Human Nature to Settle

What’s worse is, since there are no exactly two identical people in the world, not even twins, how is it possible for a UI designer to design something that satisfies everyone?


So when you look at the work at hand while bearing all the opinions that you are told to suggest to your UI designer for another schedule on rework, what exactly should you do to avoid any exhausting arguments or repeating history, and actually to put something to work for both of you?


1: No harsh comments or complaints.

After all the pressure and opinions during the UI development, the done work in your hand is more like a collage of everyone on the project. So pinning all the faults to your designer is the worst thing you could do at the moment.


2: Go back to the basic marketing rules.

Locate your target audience and define the requirements one by one. By doing so you will help the UI designers rule out a lot of noise options and make decisions easier for both of you.


3: Cater to the universal usability within your target audience.

Anything that goes to market is created to profit. So your target audience’s feedbacks would weigh most among the others. Ask your UI designers to make them happy!


4: Be consistent of the logics flow.

By doing so you basically help the UI designers shorten the learning curve even for a new logic flow that no one ever adopted before. But this new flow had better have to be good enough to overturn the existing universal usability within the target audience. If not, don’t risk it just because it is new.


5: Cut down the flow as much as possible.

Generally speaking, human brains respond best within three steps, at most seven, so that’s what you should think about for the UI flow suggestion.  Because no one likes to be challenged when what he really wants is to control or to enjoy.


 So, you can still be very knowledgeable and express your own opinions in UI design, but working with UI designers in the group is not about competing with each other in ideology, but to co-work to find the right solution to the target audience instead of everyone in the group. Be understanding of UI designers’ dilemma and be supportive by helping them to rule out the noise opinions from others, and you will see how constructive this could work for both of you. 

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