What Would You Do?

August 2, 2014

Life is full of decisions to make, and Vanilla and Banana is no exception.


This week, we helped one of our colleagues to put his old TV set on an online trading platform because he wanted the TV to disappear from his place. And to our surprise, almost a hundred messages rushed in within 10 minutes after we dropped the message.


We had students from campus who wanted it for dorm lounge; we had couples that just got married and ran short on the cash for a new one; we had people that sounded suspiciously like second hand dealers looking for a profit. Most told pretty honestly that they wanted it because it’s free, and others left us extra information about why they needed it. So the next question was: to whom should we give it away?


Should it go to the student? Kids needed a TV break in the dorm lounge and they didn’t have the money for it, so it’s reasonable.  Should it go to the young couple? They just started a family, so a little bit help on the side could be a good present. Should it go to the first runner of the message? Since they offered a very speedy pickup? Or should we just give it away to a young girl who wanted to give her grandpa a bigger TV but couldn’t afford it?


Hard, right? Since it was a giveaway to fix our friend’s problem, we were not even supposed to care who was getting it for what purpose, but we did. And it actually took us some time to think why one should and other shouldn’t.


In the end, the TV set went to one single mom with two kids because we all liked her last line in the message ”Maybe you can donate it to the orphanage?”


Yap. We know what you guys are probably thinking right now. And in fact we were joking that probably this mom would drive her Mercedes to pick up the TV set, or this mom probably was a teenager with two imaginary kids.


And yes, we admit that maybe, just maybe, choosing to believe her as a hard working mom with two kids and still thinking for others made ourselves feel better because we believed that we were helping people.


Interesting, isn’t it? Do we always make decisions and choose to see and believe what we hope the world to be? Even when we might all been through bad things or bad people that once failed us in life?


What would you do?

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