Is Your Social Media Account Worth Your Effort?

August 7, 2014

Nowadays almost each company has its official account on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, so it’s like nothing ever actually changed if you are doing whatever somebody else has been doing. 


The only difference is, in the past, when you did poorly, the influences stayed locally; now, when you do something wrong, or even doing nothing, you are basically sending the dying message 24/7 around the world.


So, how long haven’t you updated anything on the social media registered for the company? Before rushing to collect everything you have dated after the your last log in, here you are some advices to help you review, select the information, and finalize the long-term strategy for your online social marketing plan.


1. Complete Your Profile

Fill in everything about your company as complete as possible, and ensure the information is consistent. Credibility is critical for a corporate identity in the virtual world, too. A reliable identity works online as well as offline.


2. Sort Your Marketing Calendar into Three Groups

Sort your marketing calendar by event duration and frequency into three categories: short-term/aperiodic, mid-term/monthly, and long-term/seasonal. The first one could be new or second round of product/service promotion, the second could be cross-brand activity or international awards competition, and the last one could be major or international events in your industry. This sorting doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive for tasks in the next step.


3. Map the Sorting to the Purpose and Attribute of Different Social Media 



Cool, right? If you have been following the three steps above, you see clearly what kind of content you have, when and where to update for your social media. After all, what’s the point to waste man and time on something that doesn’t work for you?


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