7 Mistakes of a Marketer. Mistake #4. Use the Unfortunate as your Marketing Content

August 12, 2014

Never Use Others’ Unfortunates As Marketing Strategy


It’s like sharing a sad story on Facebook and hoping for thumbs up, not only is it awkward, but also confusing. What exactly are you expecting from those who see it, or what are you trying to tell?


Though the purpose of marketing is to make people satisfied about your product/service, and hopefully to shape the image for your business, it doesn’t mean that you could be insensitive to profit from people, even though your product/service totally fits their needs.


Marketing is about human nature, and as a good marketer you should be able to: 


1. Delimitate the boundary. You don’t try to break the taboos about people’s belief, values, and principles.  


2. Employ the common feelings among human nature. What are the shared feelings most people enjoy under specific circumstances? It’s human nature that people tend to remember the good parts of their lives. Tie your message with those feelings instead of testing people’s patience and tolerance.


3. Localize it by culture and customs. The same color or the number of flowers might refer to opposite meanings in different culture, so does the sound or meaning of your hit slogan back home. Check, check, and check.


So you would find the common attributes all over the world in certain business: people want low-profile solemnity the funeral service; people want professional reliance and sense of security when signing up for banking service; people look for belonging and empathy when asked to support a charity, and a line of work that someone in the family goes to usually wins. 


Therefore, marketing is not about grabbing any chance that would increase the exposure or publicity but stick to the principles of human nature to get your messages well received, correctly interpreted, and positively accepted the way you want. 

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