What They Forgot to Teach You in School

August 26, 2014

No matter you work for money or for your own passion, here you are the 3 most important things you should know very well at work, but somehow they forgot to teach you in school.


  • Life is unfair, so is work.

Don’t complain about your colleagues at work, even though they really don’t deserve something. It’s like in life; some people were born with silver spoon and got pretty much what you worked for the last ten years at their eighteen birthdays. Focus on your work, plan your career ladder, and stick to it. Being negative is detrimental and will consume your strength at work.


  • Degree is not everything, though it’s something in the beginning.

Having a great degree might guarantee a good starting salary and position, but constant learning and improving yourself is the key. I’ve worked with one guy with five master’s degree of Stanford, but he couldn’t even hold on to that management job more than a quarter. After all, those who without the degrees have been learning during the time when you spent on those degrees, you definitely need to catch up on that first. 


  • Being specialist is cool, but specializing only in your area is not cool.

No matter how specializing your profession is, you still need to report your work result to someone. Being able to solve problems that others cannot is great, but you need to make people understand you. Communication requires you to think and look at things from other people’s eyes, and only when people understand you, could you actually win your credibility at work. 


I could triple the lists easily, but I believe you already got me there. Work is not just about how great you could be professionally, but rather how great you could be with people and further be influential to them. 


Be positive and cheerful. Happy Tuesday!

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