How Good Calories of Marketing Helps Your Business

August 28, 2014

I wonder anyone of you still remember the traditional kind of grocery stores before the convenience stores like One Stop, or supermarket such as Sainsbury’s or ALDI chained up in your life. 


I am talking about the kind of shop at the corner of your street, usually owned by Chinese or Indian people, and basically you can pretty much find whatever you need at one stop.


I remember I talked about it with my friends before, and even discussed it in a very serious manner. “But how could they sell put socks and milk at the same tiny shop?” One of the friends screamed back.


But is it really odd to sell socks, toast, and butter in one shop?


So what makes the difference between this kind of grocery store and the c-store? What actually brings more and more customers into the c-store when they could actually get the same groceries at cheaper prices in the traditional shop? 


It’s the image, the service, and the guaranteed quality that form the benign circle on the consumer market, and it’s marketing that sees the needs and interacts with the customers that makes c-store prosper and the traditional kind of grocery store stays the same for decades. 


I am not talking about which is better. I am talking about how people see their business and how different attitudes might make the difference to the same kind of business, even in the small shopping place. 


And have you noticed I repeated “one stop” at the beginning of this article? Probably One-Stop is not your favourite, but it is the best cross-reference when it comes to the power of marketing in a homogeneous small business.


So what will your business be like in ten years?

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