3 Steps to Keep up with the Marketing Trends without Tiring Yourself up

September 11, 2014

I know that in a lot of corporations forming a reading club is used as a strategy to push the employees to catch up with the latest trend. However, in my humble opinion, it’s like reading the case analysis in business school all over again. Does it help to grow knowledge? I cannot deny that. But for coming up your own way of strategy in marketing the business you are in, I am afraid it’s not as helpful as expected. 

No matter what, companies don’t hire you to read case analysis and share your thoughts, they hire you and hope that you can constantly improve yourselves so that at least you wouldn’t be stuck in the old times, and hopefully you could be inspired by the readings they assigned to you. So the question is, how are you going to do it without spending more of your personal time after work and still have a very good and updated insight? 


These are what you should do:


  • Build up your own opinion based on other people’s opinions

Read the summary and check the reviews by Googling results. You don’t need to restart from the same page from last time anymore. Find a viewpoint that you agree on and extend from there. 


  • Utilize Your Social Network

If you are currently employed marketer, I bet you already done a Facebook, LinkIn page, or Twitter account for the company. Like and follow related topics to get the peek on what your competitors are doing and how they are doing.


  • Use Google Alerts

Use the words picked up from the two steps above as keywords for your Google alert service. They are for free and they are super instant, including information from various media distributor. 


By following these steps, you could have your own structure from a more academic point of view; second, you would have the real practice examples from those who most likely influence your business currently; last, you could get various media perspectives on the same topic from the latest alert messages. 

This will not only save you your time after a long day at work, by doing so you could form a solid stronghold for your own marketing proposal when it’s your turn to make the voice. 


Of course, the best thing is that all these could be done at work, online, and for free!



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