7 Mistakes of a Marketer. Mistake #7: Assuming People Know What You Think

September 14, 2014

It’s a very commonly seen mistake but somehow it is a never learned lesson. 


I know how good it makes you feel when you are telling, or feeling as if you are giving people free lessons how important or cool things you are about to do, but STOP IT. 


Even in marketing field, there are so many parts of jobs that even if you are senior or the head of marketing department, you wouldn’t be able to cover them all by yourself.  So how could you expect others not related to your marketing world to understand or take any kind of interest in whatever you are trying to communicate with them? And this applies to your colleagues at work, to the vendors that provide the services you need, and to your target users of the product/service.


Let’s break it down with more details: 


  • Project Team Members: Start from the traditional marketing 4P. 

No matter how basic or unnecessary you think this might be, do it. No everyone was involved or has dedicated to the market trends and target users as you have been for the upcoming product. One ridiculous fact about marketing job done that I have seen for all these years is that even in the same company, unless it’s yearly ship flag model/annual promotion service, those who are outside of the project usually have no idea when the product is hitting on market nor the difference from a previous series. 


  • Vendors: Ask for samples as references before discussions.

Marketing materials appear in so many ways that in the past we had fliers, brochures and all kinds of printouts, now we have online options from social media, search engine optimization, and video promotions, etc. Every single business has a group of people doing something related to your work with much further details to execute. Therefore, to get what you want done within your schedule, make sure the discussions start from something more solid.


  • Target Users: Establish User Profiles with details.

Have you ever had the experience of getting your parents gifts like iPad, and later you found them still using the older cheap junk from shopping center raffle while they carefully put away your gift on the shelf like decoration?

Yap. To get money out of the pockets from people like me, quality is the key, being able to provide the same to family members is the key, but to those who are like my parents, it’s a different story no matter how great your product is. 

Remember, people usually can afford when they are willing to, so you need to find the right cause for them to agree with you, willingly, of course. And the best way to achieve it is to build a profile with as many details on consumption behavior as possible, why and how. 


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