Which Search Engine to Go with in Keyword Advertising

September 16, 2014

Even though Google AdWords pretty much takes over the search engine market, it doesn’t mean that Google AdWords is the priority you should focus on when planning an online global promotion.


Last time we posted an article advising you not to jump into Google AdWords just because everybody else is doing it or your company needs you to do something global enough with a very unproportional budget that leaves you no other options. 


Today, to be fair, we are going to give a piece of advice if you really have to do this. Here you are some points before starting your plan.


  • Google is still the king overall, except for four countries: 

Yandex and Baidu both take about 60% of market share in Russia and China, respectively, and Yahoo and Naver takes about 50% as leading search engines in Japan and South Korea.  


  • For the rest of the countries where Google is dominant (over 95% on average):

Bing is almost the second runner, even though it takes far less percentage of the market share (8%)


  • Different Search Engines Have Different Algorithm for Your AdWord Ranking:

Search engine advertising is not just about putting the keywords to link to your promotion page. Do you know local results come first in Bing and Yandex but not in Google?


  • Interaction with Social Media:

Do you know that if you are running social media such as FaceBook in your marketing campaign, Bing out-performs Google due to its integration with FaceBook? 


Luckily, we don’t really need to learn about all the algorithm or complicated coding to utilize it. 


Leave a message; help us decide which topic to start from our next post in the search engine advertising. And……Happy Tuesday! 



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