Golden Rules to Run Search Engine Advertising

September 22, 2014

For most of you who are responsible for marketing jobs, we believe that these four search engines are not strange to you at all.


However, with all the references you could find on the Internet, thousands of Power Points on the sharing platforms such as SlideShare , and tons of tutorials on YouTube, can you really advise when asked about the search engine advertising?


There is one point you need to bear in mind. Search engine is much alike how things go in your life. So much alike that when you want to make some changes for yourself, it’s always tangled with your family members, tied up to your plus one, or trapped by your work. You have to know buying AdWords is not going to solve any problem when your company’s website is in chaos, when your landing page and other promotion materials are not ready at one time, or even when you don’t even have the interests in the products you are promoting. 


So when asked about the advice or plan on the instructions from high management, what do you do? Of course we don’t want you to suffer by telling all the insights or expertise in this area. Luckily, it’s like the tangles in life, too. The best way to propose something positive that could make everybody happy is to: simply things and cut your plans into short, mid and long term.


The reason why I name the four search engines is that those who you work with or closely should heard about them when it comes to this topic. Please remember even Google AdWords certified specialists cannot answer a detailed comparison among these four. So never get frustrated when you think your understanding is not enough to persuade.


Follow the steps below:


Step 1: Couple your target markets with the global search engine winner Google, Pan-Russian Yandex, Social media comrade Bing, and Chinese king Baidu.


Step 2: Check the resources such as dedicated local marketers and sales responsible for running constant interactions with the local markets local service centers. If they have their own marketing campaigns planned. If so, sticking to the decisions made in point 1. Local kings such as Yandex and Baidu weighs more on geographic factors, while Bing responses better when connected to social media.


Step 3: Find local agencies to run your keyword search adverting. The only thing you need to know about the complicated algorithm is how to check the report table they offer to you. The first one to two months could be a trial and error period. Drive the cost down and performance up, nothing more.


Step 4: Draft your mid-term adjustment on SEO based on the keyword advertising results. Only when you have one variable controlled could you actually have the power to move something that involves more people in the company. Seldom people would have the patience about the complication on the inter-influences among each factor.


Step 5: During all this time, please remember to track the differences before, after, and during the adjustment you make. Then you can promote the portfolio on your mind to integrate more resources based on the solid numbers.


Remember, a good marketer is supposed to be able to market inside a corporation, not just the product/service you are responsible. Trying to persuade people with complicated mechanism you learn or know is not going to help. Make it simple, get approval, and then you can really promote.


Happy Tuesday!


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