3 Tips to Win Votes for Your Presentation

October 9, 2014

How many presentations do you have to give every month, inside and outside your own team? Most of us probably never thought that power point would play such an important roles when we were in schools. And the most important thing is, the feedback of your presentation usually weighs so much that your performance and future development at your career depends heavily on it. It is a very effective and efficient way to show people how great you are and how persuasive you could be. So today, we will share with you what you can do to make your presentation help you at your work.


Tip1. Decide what kind of result you want.

There is purpose of each presentation. Starting from what you want from your presentation will help you find the outlines and control the scope of your presentation.


Tip2. Think from the perspective of your audience.

It is a cruel but true fact that people don’t really care about how much you can go into each of your key points, but they do pay attention when your key points relate to their workloads or benefits. In other words, locating the advantages of your key points from your content will help you win the favour from your audience.


Tip3.  Reorder your presentation based on ongoing issues.

Within or outside your team, there are always ongoing issues waiting to be solved. Review the outline you have so far and try to connect them to the ongoing issues. If there are connections, please reorder your presentation with the starting part of the ongoing issues, and then follow with the proposals you have to tackle the problems. This will get you more points since you are basically proposing something that’s beneficial to everyone.


Of course, if there is oral presentation part involved. Please do remember to draft your speech and time your presentation well. Make it brief, clear, and to the points. Presentation is about how much contribution of you proposal could be, not how knowledgeable your are in your area.


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