3 Must-Do to Prepare Your Marketing Position Interview

October 21, 2014

It doesn’t matter if you are senior marketer or freshman in this field, preparing for a job interview is never an easy thing to do.


But what’s the most important thing for you to make great impressions and land the position? Here you are some tips you should always bear in mind:


Tips 1. Do an online research for the position.

What are taught in school are the basics and concepts that you need to apply at work.  The job content might vary from product, company culture, or industry. There might be some overlapping tasks, but how things are done usually depend on the scale of the organizations. The bigger, the more detailed and specific tasks are defined. By doing more research on the position, you would have a better idea if this job is what you are looking for, and you would know what kind of questions when popped by the interviewer “Do you have any question about this position?” Interactive conversation helps you to leave a better impressions and it helps you too to decide if this job is exactly what you are looking for.


Tip 2. Brush up your memories of the textbooks.

Don’t try to bullshit when asked a simulation question. Those who do the interview for you either have more practical experiences or have similar backgrounds as you do. They wouldn’t appreciate your “innovative” thinking if it’s out of blue or doesn’t have strong foothold. Try to analyze and propose based on your knowledge, even though you are just graduate and have only internship in summer vacations. The basic concepts such as 4P or marketing mix actually come in handy at the beginning of analysis.


Tip 3.  Extend your self-introductions.

90 % of the interviews start with this question, so often that most people think it as a routine and then just give a very rough narrative. However, your response to this question should cover a second part besides brief self-introduction: your lessons learned. It doesn’t matter how many years you have been in this field, but it could tell the interviewers about your insight, your ambition at this position, and your capability and attitude when faced with problems. Don’t mumble if you have only limited experiences, nor should you boost about your academic background if you have good one. This is when most interviewers make their decisions if you pass the personal quality threshold for the job.


Interviews could be great experiences, too!

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