01. The Project

I always wanted to be part of something beyond being impactful. When friends from The Throttle Foundation had got in touch with me asking if I could have a look into the foundation identity and the design of their entire website I was more than excited. The project started from scratch:  A meeting was held before any progress was made on the identity, website, user interface. This gave me the opportunity to learn about Foundation goals and approaches, audience and contributors. This information helped me to understand a scope of work, layouts, design styles, page elements and color schemes.  A few website were taken as references, before we jumped into developing the very own one. The work is still in progress 

02. The Goal

Although the very original goal of this project was the establishment of Foundation's on- and offline identity, after discussion and brainstorming sessions a decision to maximize Foundation's web presence was made:  Deliver children stories, let those stories to speak to the audience, allow these stories to bring people together to turn society attention into the problem of supporting childhood, and equipping children with the tools to explore their talents, enjoy childhood, and contribute to the idea of shape the world 





establish Foundation's on- and offline identity to establish awareness

design the space to share children stories, dreams, and thoughts to create connections

create tools to monitor progress of each child story 

make website content discoverable by search engines (primary in Poland)


conduct a research on other children and charity foundations activities

deliver layouts, set design styles, page elements and color schemes 

research on monitoring options, both quantitive and qualitive

maintain website contents and optimize its management

03. My Role

In collaboration with founders I was directly engage into several areas and decision making processes of the project: Market Research, Business Analysis, Product Management, User Experience, Marketing, and Interaction Design, coordinating and aligning workflows between each contributing participant of the project



Deliver conceptualization and ideation

Align Foundation vision with website mission

Define a scope of the project and build a action plan

Execute and validate the status of project sprints

Complete wireframes, technical specifications, usability guidelines, and optimize information architechture

Place the Beta-version of the website online to gather feedbacks

04. The Challenge

By nature non-profits have a mission outside of making money, therefore it's way more crucial to convey a cohesive visual brand that would easily identify foundation identity and mission.  Different content formats were tested in order to find a tailored and most responsive approach to the Internet audience in establishing a connection between angels and children stories. That's how the idea of Instagramming visualized what-if children stories popped up. 

05. The Structure

Foundation team decided to go with a responsive but more of a traditional design to make sure it would be suitable for the Internet audience of different demographics. Clear visual structure with minimized amount of complicated effects was applied: Traditional header menu, large visuals, distinctively clear typography, weblists, etc.  




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