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01. The Project

Contemporary design and minimalism are the two features that link Winnica Moderna's  winemaking with the modernist architecture of Wrocław. Winnica Moderna team strongly believes that both in the architecture and in the winemaking Ludwig’s Mies van der Rohe phrase prevails – “less is more”. That very notion of “simplicity” in everything Winnica Moderna team does is an unspoken value of their winery. Interestingly enough architecture of the cities the founders of Moderna are from (Wroclaw & Gdynia, Poland) is based on modernism

02. The Goal

The main  goal  of the  Winnica Moderna team is to promote Polish winemaking culture to European and International audience, and to work together towards International recognition. Media platforms, web-presence, and traditional handouts, including a trifold, were mapped as part of Winnica Moderna social engagement strategy.



Deliver an introduction of Winnica Moderna

Tell the story about people and idea behind Winnica Moderna 

Link the establishment of Winnica Moderna with historical events and Polish winemaking culture

Put a pin of Winnica Moderna on the European winemaking map

Deliver Winnica Moderna tastes to a broader audience of wine enthusiasts

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